Social instruction

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Ergo Rodrerich
3 min readAug 22, 2023
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash
  1. Social instruction. I understand social instruction to be that which, in a non-institutional way, is given among people when they are required to learn something new among themselves, there being those who learn and those who teach.

There are three basic groups in which this instruction takes place: the family, friends and the work area.
Let us exemplify with some learning. a) Driving a car. Many times it is the father who teaches his children to drive. b) Cooking. The mother teaches her child (and now children too) to cook in a practical way and with tips and secrets of her culinary art.

Among friends we notice that, in our days, the use of cell phones is “natural”.

In the work environment, this teaching is also a constant occurrence. The operation and control of a machine, the supervision of a system, and so on. Although some companies are certainly organized in such a way that we would rather speak of a real institutional training. But, certainly, spontaneous processes continue to occur.

2. Photography. In recent years the boom of digital photography affected people’s participation as no other art technique had done. Of course, even before that, many of us already owned film cameras with which we ventured on our walks…



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